About Us

Fine Art India aims to transform the way custom artwork is channelized in the B2B domain. We are a one stop platform for in-house studio artwork, processing of paintings from printing to framework, custom lighting and even installation. We go beyond the conventional concept of sourcing art from art galleries and also provide opportunities and avenues for networking between artists and designers. Our larger objective is to provide a truly one of a kind holistic experience to our global clients which encompasses not only designing and manufacturing but also networking.

Our Vision:

Fine Art India is our endeavour to have a common platform for all kinds of Art. There is an ever increasing demand for pieces of art, wherein, more and more people would like to fill their spaces with beautiful, thought provoking artworks. We believe that artworks should be easily accessible to anyone who aspires to have them. It is this sentiment along with our love for Art that constantly propels us to make genuine Art available to a large cross section of art admirers. Our ultimate goal is to simplify the process of acquiring good Art along with different forms of art being available to suit varied tastes.

Our Service:

Our services include the acquiring and processing of art, custom lighting and installation. We also help with designing and manufacturing. We service –

  • Architects and Interior Designers
  • Hospitality Industry
  • Corporate Houses
  • Art Cafes/Galleries
  • Design Consultants